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Crime and Punishment - My name is Raskolnikov :: Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment

Wrongdoing and Punishment - My name is Raskolnikovâ â â â â â â â Clearly Raskolnikov didn't execute Alyona. Nikolai did. He admitted, isn't that right? Without a doubt, sure, I comprehend what you're stating: Raskolnikov admitted as well. Yet, clearly his admission was not a genuine admission. Raskolnikov had seen Nikolai's actual admission, and was moved to the point that he chose he'd prefer to have a go at admitting as well. What's more, one must not ignore the Christ imagery in the novel. Raskolnikov is the undeniable Christ-figure; he's poor, he's liberal, he's schizophrenic. Everything includes. Raskolnikov is Christ's subsequent manifestation yet no one understands it's Him. Sort of tragic. One ought not neglect Raskolnikov's boss man hypothesis. Nikolai, then again, is the rubbish of the earth. He's a minor character, and minor characters consistently submit murders in books. What else do they need to do? One ought not just gander at the brain research of the characters in the novel, however of the creator too. Dostoevsky wouldn't compose an anecdote about some awful killer. No. Dostoevsky was a decent Christian author. C&P is a handbook for turning into a Christian, not some homicide brain research spine chiller. Raskolnikov gives heaps of explanations behind the homicide, and it is clear from the sheer number of reasons that he gives that Raskolnikov is honest. He can't make up a reasonable intention! Nobody is tricked. I sure wasn't. Raskolnikov is unquestionably a destroyed character. He is vexed on the grounds that he can't get any work, so he chooses to confess to a homicide he thinks nothing about to make sure he can get some hard work in Siberia. Goodness, sure, he need back to the loft and addressed where the body was. Sure he could relate the whole homicide in sensible detail. These are simply happenstances, much the same as his gathering with Marmeladov. C&P was regularly scrutinized for its abuse of occurrence. Maybe the most befuddling scene in that it leads numerous unwary perusers off track is simply the genuine portrayal of the homicide. This obviously was only a fantasy. Dostoevsky was partial to dream imagery and utilized it regularly in C&P. Â So it is presently self-evident, I am certain, that Raskolnikov didn't execute Alyona, and that Nikolai did. In any case, for what reason did Nikolai slaughter Alyona? All things considered, Nikolai was an early existentialist. He just executed her for its excitement. Superior to going out to see the films.

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Identify and Discuss the Key Influences of the Strategic Hrm Diagnostic Model That Have Significance for Employee Recruitment and Selection Essays

Distinguish and Discuss the Key Influences of the Strategic Hrm Diagnostic Model That Have Significance for Employee Recruitment and Selection Essays Recognize and Discuss the Key Influences of the Strategic Hrm Diagnostic Model That Have Significance for Employee Recruitment and Selection Essay Recognize and Discuss the Key Influences of the Strategic Hrm Diagnostic Model That Have Significance for Employee Recruitment and Selection Essay The Strategic HRM Diagnostic Model (Stone, 2002:26) endeavors to furnish Human Resource Managers with an investigative structure intended to aid the expectation and avoidance of potential issues. The methodology urges HR administrators to be master dynamic, and to think about the idea of the interior and outer conditions before seeking after a specific game-plan (Stone, 2002:25). The impacts of the conditions range all exercises of Human Resource Management and this article investigates those that have centrality for two HR exercises specifically. The two of which are worker enlistment and representative choice. An association has pretty much nothing, to no, influence over its outside condition, the parts of which are too various to even think about listing. The outer condition impacts HRM rehearses, therefore affecting HR exercises, both legitimately and in a roundabout way. At the end of the day, a part of the organisation’s outer condition may straightforwardly influence the procedures of worker enlistment and determination through impacting HRM rehearses, and yet it will impact the organisation’s inside condition, consequently influencing the procedures through key arrangement. One significant outer ecological impact might be governmental issues. The condition of legislative issues may influence the procedures of representative enrollment and choice in different manners. For instance, political flimsiness has affected the acts of worker enrollment in Algeria (Mellahi Wood, 1996). This examination tends to the effect the common war has had on enrollment rehearses, in addition to other things. An intriguing revelation was that the extensive political emergency drove little and medium measured firms from ‘rationalistic’, deliberately determined practices and constrained them into, what is alluded to as, a ‘coping mode’. The ‘coping mode’ is receptive, as paired to professional dynamic, cultivating a ‘stay alive’ technique; subsequently significantly influencing the administration of HR both legitimately and in a roundabout way. Laws and guidelines may likewise impact the HR exercises of worker enlistment and choice. Changes in enactment could be viewed as a circuitous impact, in that an organisation’s targets and system may must be reexamined because of limiting business openings or expanding rivalry because of the changes (Stone, 2002:17). Laws and guidelines with respect to rise to work opportunity, governmental policy regarding minorities in society, lewd behavior, security and terminations, in any case, demonstrate to have a more straightforward impact, in that they have encouraged the making of new openings, for example, sex value master, sexual orientation inclination official and provocation facilitator (Lehn, 1997). The production of new openings requires the enrollment and choice of new workers, regardless of whether they are from outside or inside the association; henceforth the immediate impact. The procedure of representative choice is impacted specifically by equivalent work opportunity (EEO) and governmental policy regarding minorities in society (AA) enactment (Sullivan, 1998), which require reasonable treatment for all individuals from the network and the disposal of segregation. These components assume a significant job in forming the determination rules and in spite of the fact that they continue as before as for time, in contrast to different parts of the outer condition, they should at present be viewed as an immediate impact. The natural impact of the work market may likewise influence representative enrollment and determination. As per Doverspike, Taylor, Shultz and McKay (2002) â€Å"U. S. bosses state they just can't discover enough representatives, not to mention gifted employees†. This is because of the development of the U. S. economy and the diminishing of joblessness. This investigation investigates different contributing components of the lack of occupation candidates in the U. S. , which is a noteworthy issue for both private and open divisions. One such contributing component is the changing segment cosmetics of the workforce. Doverspike et al. 2002) clarifies that it is important to concentrate enrolling techniques on the attributes of certain ‘untraditional employee’ gatherings, to draw in them in the midst of the changing segment cosmetics. Untraditional worker gatherings, for instance, are Baby-Boomers, age Xers, minority gatherings and whatever other gathering that requires uncommon thought when enrollment and choice procedures are actualized. The condition of economy can l ikewise impact the enrolling procedure, in that, the worth or adequacy of specific selecting techniques relies significantly upon the condition of economy (Teigen, 2002). For example, high joblessness typically deduces that spontaneous applications are more successive and of preferable quality over they are the point at which the work advertise is tight. Additionally, in a circumstance of full business a few enrolling techniques may should be utilized all the while so as to create even a couple of qualified up-and-comers (Stone, 2002:180). At last, mechanical headway and the pace of innovative change can impact representative enlistment and choice. Indeed, an investigation was done by Byrne (2000) on the influence mechanical progression has had on the administration of the organization, General Motors. Byrne (2000) states that â€Å"new innovation, especially the web, is causing radical change that is nothing not exactly another modern revolution†. Along these lines, to endure and flourish in this century, administrative practices must change; thus affecting HR exercises. These are just a little segment of the possible impacts on HR exercises from the outer condition. A lot more have essentialness to representative enlistment and determination, yet it is imperative to recall that political, lawful, ecological, prudent and innovative parts of the outer condition, just as different viewpoints, influence HRM and HR exercises intermittently. As such, in spite of the fact that these viewpoints are key impacts on HRM, they are overseen through the improvement of a drawn out technique (Stone, 2002:18). This procedure, which is frequently alluded to as the ‘corporate strategy’ or ‘master strategy’, is chosen considering the organisation’s outer chances and dangers and inward qualities and shortcomings. It impacts HRM from inside the association on the grounds that vital HRM requires HRM targets and techniques to be connected, as intently as could reasonably be expected, to the organisation’s goals and systems. Accordingly, various kinds of authoritative methodologies produce a requirement for specific HR techniques (Stone, 2002:21). The fruitful combination of techniques, also called vital arrangement, has demonstrated to improve an organisation’s situation for progress (CCH, 1995). This is evident for the situation investigation of Colgate Palmolive’s improvement and usage of their ‘global vision’ (Anfuso, 1995). Without fruitful incorporation, an organisation’s viability would be significantly disabled (Grundy, 1998:50). Different parts of the organisation’s inward condition, beside its targets and technique, incorporate the organisation’s reason or strategic, structure and its way of life. The reason for an association is affected by outside variables and significantly impacts the destinations and technique, just as the way of life of an association. It tends to be thought of, alongside the organisation’s culture, while surveying its effect on the exercises of worker enlistment and choice since it is basically the projection of an associations culture to the network. The reason forms the way of life, along these lines potential workers derive the qualities and convictions of the association from its strategic. The picture of an association may influence the enrolling and determination forms by pulling in or deflecting possible candidates. As per Kristof (1996) â€Å"applicants are pulled in to workplaces that are perfect with their own characteristics†. It is additionally significant for the board to cultivate a culture that advances the accomplishment of the organisation’s key business targets (Greene, 1995). In light of this, choice measures might be founded on character and demeanor as opposed to ability or information. Associations utilize this strategy in anticipation of decreasing the chance of outcomes and unwanted practices (Stone, 2002:211). A case of authoritative culture affecting HRM is the situation of Australia’s four biggest banks (Westpac, National Australia, ANZ and Commonwealth). These associations cultivate societies which are high on power and low on warmth, collaboration, representative duty and worry for execution. Westpac’s culture, for instance, is depicted as old-style ‘command and control’ and represents an emotional effect on representative enrollment and choice through worker turnover, with the attention on ladies workers (Gray, 1997; Lyall, 1997). The structure of an association, as referenced above, ought to be with the end goal that it accomplishes the organisation’s vital destinations. The rebuilding of an association to suit a chose procedure legitimately impacts the exercises of worker enlistment and determination. Associations with slender ranges of control that are various leveled in structure, for instance, will in general be tyrant, inflexible, formal, exceptionally particular and bureaucratic. While, associations with wide ranges of control that are level in structure will in general be more fl

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Company Case MKT 202 Essay Example for Free

Organization Case MKT 202 Essay 1. Microenvironmental factors include on-screen characters, who stay near the organization and they influence the company’s capacity to serve its client. The organization, providers, showcasing mediators, client market, contenders, and publics these are a piece of microenvironment. Toyota Prius presentation and relaunch were influenced by a few microenvironmental factors. These elements are talked about beneath: a. Initially, the Toyota Company itself was a significant microenvironmental factor that influenced its item at the absolute starting point. The showcasing branch of Toyota didn’t do what's necessary limited time exercises for its new vehicle. In a nation like U. S. where as we as a whole realize all SUVs sell likes hotcakes, nobody would truly be intrigued to purchase a dull mixture vehicle. Likewise the division associated with planning the item was too powerless to even consider attracting clients from the outset. At the point when it was propelled individuals considered Prius to be little, squeezed conservative with an exceptionally dull structure. Additionally because of its low strength, the pickup time was long. The vehicle took 14. 5 seconds just to go arrive at a speed of 60km/hr. Regardless of how much ecological well disposed and vitality sparing the vehicle was because of low special endeavors by the organization and furthermore the dull structure, the presentation of Prius was profoundly influenced. Likewise, regardless of whether the vehicle was commendable a sufficient buy as a result of its condition inviting quality and fuel sparing, enough individuals didn’t catch wind of it. In any case, later on, Toyota made its new form and the showcasing of the item was raised as the brand picture created. b. Besides, as we as a whole know, the nearness of a contender can truly make it difficult for an organization to situate its item well. During the time Prius was being propelled it needed to confront, Honda as its rival. Honda effective propelled its knowledge even before Prius went to the market. Obviously also, vehicles like Hummer, Ford were at that point there before Prius to keep customer’s consideration towards them. In any case, Toyota differentiated its item from its rival on giving advantages which different contenders weren’t ready to give at a modest expense. c. Third factor was simply the client, who were completely disposed towards the brands which they have been utilizing for their entire lives like General Motors, Ford and others. So the worldwide markets for Toyota in U. S. were quite feeble from the start. In any case, of course, as new form was created with new style a plan and as the car’s pull was improved it got customer’s consideration. 2. Macroenvironmental includes bigger cultural powers, which incorporates segment, financial, normal, innovative, political, and social powers. There were a few macroenvironmental factors, which assumed a job in influencing the presentation and relaunch of Toyota Prius. The components are examined beneath: a. Right off the bat, segment factors had an impact in influencing Prius. Despite the fact that Baby Boomers and Gen X had individuals who were moderately aged and old and were potential clients for Prius. Yet, the Gen Y incorporated the youthful bundles who were more into lively and beautiful vehicle, properties which Toyota Prius needed. Toyota essentially didn’t communicate in Gen Y’ers language. In any case, Toyota had the option to manage it since individuals from Gen X’ers had condition cognizant individuals who were a major market for Toyota. b. Also, social variables assumed a major job as well. American culture has been inclined in utilizing 4-wheel drives and they essentially didn’t need a bizarre looking vehicle to be a piece of their lives. Additionally, individuals perspective on society, under social factor, had an influence as well. A loyalist American would purchase his nations item as opposed to purchasing items from different nations. Another factor under culture is people’s perspective on association. Organizations like General Motors, Ford, Audi had a more grounded brand picture then Toyota during that timeframe. As the time went, new form came out, Toyota had the option to fit in the way of life and the U. S. government on presenting different motivating forces on half and half vehicles additionally helped it. c. Thirdly, mechanical factor. Innovation has consistently been there making our lives a superior and there has been such a great amount of rivalry in the market on giving unrivaled innovation that, some organization experience difficulty to build up a picture against those organizations who have just settled a solid situation in the opposition. Toyota was innovatively second rate contrasted with its adversaries like Audi, Ford, and GM. Likewise, Prius at its underlying stage was not the vehicle which individuals looked into driving in view of its specialized lacking. Low pull, high get time, dull structure these influenced its picture. Toyota had the option to manage it on its new forms. 3. Toyota showcase technique was first utilized on individuals who were geeks. It concentrated on early adopters, nerds who were pulled in to the progressed new innovation. Nerds were so into the Prius that they began changing it in fact and paying a lot of regard for it. Toyota had the option to separate its item such that no other organization could with such an ease. That’s why Prius turned into the best vehicle at any point utilized in US. In the wake of retaining enormous incomes from the geeks, it utilized it second form to focus on a more extensive market fragment. Toyota had the option to serve the greater fragment which comprised of those individuals who were ecologically cognizant and just as those burning of eco-friendliness. Toyota did a massive measure of spending on media to tell individuals about its subsequent form. In future Toyota can improve its methodology by bringing the cross breed include into a few models of vehicle it has and in this way making a more noteworthy deals consequently. Be that as it may, it shouldn’t present the half breed include in all the vehicles, since if different contenders begins making a similar sort of vehicle and has better brand picture, at that point Toyota can no longer separate its item. However, as interest for cross breeds go up, Toyota ought to keep up a consistent creation and contribute on making other new sorts for serving different portions and keep up a parity.

A comparative analysis of qualitative and quantitative research methods in the hospitality industry

Endeavors to screen representatives have consistently existed in some structure, from mechanical keystroke counters in the early piece of the century, to the most recent developments in electronic observing. As innovation propels, so do the observing prospects in the work environment. As consequence of the unlimited prospects in reconnaissance, nervousness in employee†s increment, which as a rule prompts diseases. We will compose a custom exposition test on Video Surveillance Cameras or then again any comparative theme just for you Request Now Studies have indicated that people who are continually being observed grinding away experience the ill effects of inescapable impacts, the larger part being sicknesses, for example, physical, enthusiastic, and mental disarranges. Managers feel they reserve the privilege to screen their workers, anyway when broad checking impacts a representatives wellbeing, at that point the businesses has gone to far. Advance innovation has lead to checking gadgets, for example, through PCs, video observation, and dynamic identifications in the most recent decade, however as the power of the reconnaissance increments so do the negative impacts on the workers. There has been a colossal increment to pass legislation†s that will manage the business in observing his employees† by means of PC. Observing a representative by means of PC is perhaps the most recent advancement in electronic checking, which is finished by buying and introducing programming in the organizations PC framework. When the product is introduced, it will have the option to do an assortment of sorts of electronic observing from keystroke checking and precision, time to what extent it takes to make an exchange, and to what extent the PC has been on inert. This kind of electronic observing that includes cutting edge innovation and â€Å"the consistent checking to gauge employees† execution makes a tremendous measure of weight and stress†¦ he stress that is made by observing has caused genuine physical effects† (Ternipsede 447) on representatives in the work place. Numerous representatives have been affected from such setting in the work environment, however they are unconscious of the impacts since they take numerous years to grow completely. Another sort of electronic checking that can harm an employee†s wellbeing is video reconnaissance. Video observation has existed in the work place since the creation of the TV. Video reconnaissance cameras come in all shapes and sizes, from the undeniable ones to some that are little as a dime. Numerous businesses buy such gadgets to catch workers and clients who submit robbery and misrepresentation, or some other criminal behavior. The expansion of innovation in electronic checking is currently ready to move pictures from a camera to a PC where the business can zoom in and make a positive personality of the representative or client who is submitting an illicit demonstration. This kind of checking is additionally to cause a worker to feel under tension in trusting â€Å"to upgrade representative efficiency and quality assurance,† (Ternipsede 447) which fills in as an advantage to the worker, business, and client. Be that as it may, numerous representatives don't see the impacts of video observation has on their wellbeing since there just concern is arriving work done and fulfilling their manager. One other kind of reconnaissance that causes wellbeing danger to the worker is a functioning identification. Dynamic identifications are another sort of the most recent developments in electronic checking and one of the most questionable kinds of worker observing. The dynamic identifications are the size of a charge card that is worn outwardly of the apparel. It keeps track where the worker passes by infrared sensors that are situated all through the work environment. Numerous employer†s who advance this kind of electronic observing contend that it spares time when following somebody down. They additionally contend that it is to a greater extent a private method of expecting to address a worker secretly, rather than declaring their name over the radio. These dynamic identifications likewise have their negative consequences for a representative since they feel entangled in their working environment since they realize that another person consistently know where they are. It causes a person to feel like they are in jail, then again, actually they are not made sure about into their work environment by bars and solid dividers. This sort of electronic checking is one of the most dubious in light of the fact that it is another approach to attack an individual security, without the exemption of cameras and screens. Managers reserve a privilege to know whether their workers are on task, anyway when it encroaches on the representatives security and causes wellbeing impacts it has gone to far. The businesses have the obligation to enlist reliable workers and ensure they carry out their responsibility, not following each move they make. As innovation propels, business the board gets lazier and new observing gadgets represent a danger to workers. The workers prosperity ought to be considered before executing any observing frameworks. In this way, who knows what electronic checking will hold later on, yet will it become so advanced that it will make a representative decide not to work and live off the administration? Instructions to refer to Video Surveillance Cameras, Essay models

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Proposal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Proposition - Assignment Example SpeakEasy ® innovation is distributed in a few expert diaries. We have improved execution for more than 100 organizations through our workshops. This innovation will work for you. Every day starts at 9 AM and closures 3:30 PM. Workshop participation is restricted to 6-12 members for individualized guidance. Participants are urged to bring PCs and PowerPoint programming. Participants will get the tape, an exercise manual and an authentication of fulfillment. SpeakEasy ® offers mentorship and counseling by email or phone for a half year in the wake of going to a workshop. Limits are accessible for future workshops. Much the same as the food business, we love rehash clients. Your kin merit the absolute best preparing; in a privately-run company, 70 years and three ages is stunning; they are your most valuable resource. We will call you this week to set an opportunity to plan a workshop whenever it might suit you; and ends of the week are

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Credit for Reddit

Credit for Reddit Theres a story my mother likes to tell about the time, soon after I began first grade, she received a polite but concerned note from my teacher. Evidently, when my time to show-and-tell had arrived, I read aloud from a library book about reproductive biology, with a degree of anatomical specificity my teacher considered frankly inappropriate for my age and audience. My teacher clarified that I was not in trouble because none of my classmates understood what I was talking about or indeed had seemed to pay me any attention at all (this was a recurring theme of my childhood and also my adulthood). Some parents might have discouraged inappropriate intellectual interests, but  I have long been grateful that my mother, who helps children with special needs navigate elementary school, never let my education get in the way of my learning. Love you, mom One of the best ways to learn is to teach, both because in order to teach you have to know your stuff, and because through the process of teaching, you learn more about your stuff, and how others think about/with/through it. For more than ten years Ive taught at the Talent Development Institute, a sort of summer camp for geeky 4-8th graders. As an undergraduate I TAd six classes on law and technology. When I first came to MIT I started teaching through SPLASH, one component of the MIT Educational Studies Program, which organizes classes for middle and high school students taught by college students and where the motto is Teach Anything, Learn Anything. As a graduate student (and as an undergraduate too, for that matter) I studied social media. I worked at the MIT Center for Civic Media, which builds, supports, and researches at the intersection of technology and social change. My thesis was on user-generated censorship, or how people manipulate social media to suppress speech. While I was working on my thesis I put out a call for a UROP to help me collect and analyze data about some reddit subcultures. Within a day my inbox was flooded by dozens of applications: there were tons of MIT undergraduates who wanted to research reddit. One deadpanned: Browse reddit during my UROP? I do that anyway. Another emailed back and said she hadnt even known it was possible to do Serious Academic Research about social media. That response surprised me. Id been involved in the social media research game for a long time. So has MIT. Just to name a few of the media researchers affiliated with CMS/W, we have: T.L. Taylor, a qualitative sociologist working in the field of internet and game studies whose most recent book was about the professionalization of video gaming Nancy Baym, a sociologist, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research New England and cofounder of the Association of Internet Researchers Sasha Costanza-Chock, a communications scholar and media maker who studies how social movements use information and communication technologies Ethan Zuckerman, Director of the Center for Civic Media, cofounder of Global Voices and Geekcorps, and the driving force behind MediaCloud, a project to help researchers ask and answer complex quantitative and qualitative questions about online media After I graduated and returned to admissions, I knew I wanted to teach, and I kept thinking about those UROP responses and how I could teach to that evident interest. T.L. was teaching a course on the sociocultural aspects of the Internet called Networked Cultures in the fall, and Sasha was teaching Networked Social Movements: Media Mobilization in the spring. I decided to propose a complementary course, one that would widely canvass current topics, core theories, and useful methods for studying social media, broadly defined. In short, I wanted to design and teach the sort of class I would have liked to take as an undergraduate. So I pitched the class to  Ed Schiappa, the Head of CMS/W. He listened. He asked insightful questions. He (kindly) pointed out several glaring flaws in my proposal. But he liked my idea. And he offered to help me improve it. Ed was already scheduled to teach CMS.400: Media Systems and Texts that spring, so he invited me to coteach it with him. We got together over IAP and drafted a new syllabus that melded a diverse set of topics and methods. We based the grading around class participation to encourage discussion and group projects to encourage students to get their hands dirty and try things. To reflect the student interest that drove the creation of the class in the first place, we nicknamed the course Credit for Reddit. A photo Ed took of me facilitating a class discussion of privacy and the presentation of self online right around Pi Day (notice cup of Dunks gripped firmly in hand) Teaching Credit for Reddit was one of the most awesome experiences of my life. We had fifteen students from all four years and a diverse mix of majors including Course 6 (Computer Science), Course 8 (Physics), Course 9 (Neuroscience), Course 10 (Chemical Engineering), and CMS itself. They challenged me and they challenged each other. They pushed themselves to learn new things and produced amazing prototype and final projects, including: Danny and Matt, who analyzed ~6 months of data from dogetipbot to investigate whether being tipped in Dogecoin encourages cryptocurrency adoption Hannah, Emad, Mei, and Skylar, who conducted several surveys about impostors syndrome among MIT undergraduates across demographic categories Diana, Akash, Sashko, and Angela, who designed an online quiz to test what types of headline styles are preferred by what types of readers Stephen and Laura, who conducted qualitative and quantitative analyses of The Techs online audience Ari, who conducted a large user study of people who use a very popular iOS app he built Erin, who used natural-language processing to analyze books and newspapers from different decades and detect trends in language Jeremy, our TA, who proposed a study design for distributing $100 worth of Bitcoin to every MIT undergraduate (and, after the class, secured $500,000 and a ton of faculty sponsors to actually do it) Theres been some press lately about the course (which is why I now know what SourceFed is), mostly, I think, because MIT students studying reddit makes for an entertaining story. And it is an entertaining story. But its also not the real story. The real academic story is that social media are social systems, shaped by people even as they shape the people who use them. Thats why reddit, along with some other platforms, just launched the Digital Ecologies Research Project, which will help academic researchers study these kinds of popular platforms. And the real cultural story is that a place like MIT, and a department like CMS/W, is willing to experiment educationally: to basically say, you know what, this seems really interesting, and it matters, so lets get a bunch of people from different backgrounds together in a room and figure out what the heck is happening. I feel very fortunate to work at an academic institution that welcomes that kind of intellectual risktaking. Wow. Very internet. Much fun.

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How To Be A Great High School Leader

In high school, there are lots of opportunities to play leadership roles, from sports captains to club presidents to student council positions. During my senior year, I got to be the editor-in-chief of our school newspaper. While things didn’t always go smoothly, I learned a lot. Be extra organized Plan out meetings beforehand so you know exactly what you need to cover. And when the meeting is finished, take note of what you need to go over at the next meeting. Roll with the punches Although you should be organized, know that not everything will go exactly according to plan. Expect difficulty. You have to learn to improvise and be resourceful. Keep a cool head and just try to problem solve. Promote your organization You won’t get any new members if no one knows your organization exists! So make assembly announcements, post flyers, and put on events that the whole student body can enjoy. Market yourselves. Boost morale Show your appreciation for current members, while also attracting new members, by doing things like bringing sweet treats to meetings or practices. You want people to be glad that they are participating. Treat everyone equally I know it’s hard, but you have to treat your best friend and that random freshman the same way. You can’t favor anyone just because you know them or like them better. If your friends are goofing off when they’re supposed to be working, have the courage to tell them to stop! Be optimistic If the leader of the group is not optimistic, how can anyone else be? You’re a role model. Even if things are looking bad, it’s your job to keep everyone’s spirits up! Communicate with the adults Yes, you’re technically the leader and should be in control and everything but you have to talk to faculty advisors and coaches before you make any major decisions. Their ideas and opinions should be noted as they probably have more experience with the club or team than you do. Delegate the work equally Don’t assign all of your work to other people just because you can. Do your share! But at the same time, if you’re taking on way too much, don’t be afraid to ask for a little bit of help. Find the happy medium. Encourage questions Don’t become a tyrant. Everyone should feel like their voice is being heard. Frequently ask for questions and suggestions to make the organization better. Before you know it, morale will be higher, so the quality of everyone’s work will increase. Critique kindly and honestly If you see someone’s potential to improve, help them out. Don’t be afraid to really work with them if they’re not getting it. Give honest advice, but be nice. No one is perfect. Most importantly: DON’T just do it for college applications Don’t take a leadership position you don’t care about just because it will look good on your college applications. I’ve seen so many students do this, and then go on to just totally ditch the organization and leave it to fall to shambles. If you don’t care about the success of your group, then please don’t become its leader.